S P Jain School of Global Management is a leading Australian business school with campuses in Dubai,
Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney. We relentlessly strive to reimagine business education and offer innovative
courses in dynamic, world-class cities. Our efforts have been recognised by highly regarded global rankings
that include





Top management positions increasingly go to global citizens – people who have lived overseas and therefore, understand many business cultures. Get this edge with our Global MBA program where every student lives in Asia, Australia and the Middle East – each a regional capital and a great backdrop for business education. Designed exclusively for business professionals with 3+ years of work experience, the Global MBA is an internationally recognised program with a reputation that is built on superior standards of learning engagement, research, innovation and graduate outcomes.

Decision-making in a global context is at the heart of the Global MBA program. While the program is rooted deeply in business fundamentals, a lot of emphasis is placed on practice and application. The classroom itself transforms into a corporate boardroom and from day one, students participate in Student Board Rooms and Simulations where business case studies are examined and a tried-and-tested approach to decision-making is developed.

We believe that understanding the global business environment is key to good decision-making and as a result, our students study in Singapore, Sydney and Dubai. While the classroom is dedicated to the study of various tools of business and the development of critical thinking and decision-making skills, out-ofclassroom and global immersion activities in diverse, dynamic business hubs help students understand the global nature of business and the influence of culture, traditions and technological advancements on business decisions. Apart from the knowledge gained, students learn to be adaptable, multicultural and globally agile. 


Knowledge of Business, Management and Digital LiteracyBe prepared with the latest disciplinary and interdisciplinary business and management knowledge with the support of the digital and technology literacy, to aid planning and control in a volatile global environment
Knowledge of Research Principles and MethodsBe equipped with the principles and methods of research for the purpose of responsible investigation from an applied perspective in the field of management and business
Global AdaptabilityUnderstand business issues to acquire disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills to solve problems in the respective local, regional and global environments.
Ethical Decision MakingDevelop skills and judgement to make ethical decisions in complex business situations, by understanding and demonstrating the sound business principles, needs and goals of different stakeholders in diverse cultures
LCritical ThinkingAcquire critical thinking skills by observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference and, explanation in order to draw conclusions
Effective CommunicationAttain professional skills in written, verbal and nonverbal communication tailor-made to the needs of different stakeholders consistent with mindful listening, empathy, and reliability
LeadershipAcquire intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and cognitive abilities to work effectively with others in diverse environments.
Innovation and EntrepreneurshipDevelop an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to analyse problems in new ways, identify disruptive solutions to create sustainable growth and value.
Application and Research CompetenciesDemonstrate application of learning outcomes 1-8 by planning and executing research/application-based assignments and projects within their respective areas of expertise and specialisation with a high level of personal autonomy and accountability



We take great pride in ensuring that each student gets a good job at the end of their postgraduate program and is well placed for a successful career. Our Professional Readiness Program, or PRP, prepares students for this comprehensively. Our work with students as part of the PRP program involves pairing them with their individual career objectives, work experience, educational background and more importantly, positioning them for growth in their careers. PRP also covers leadership and communication training, professional presentation, voice and body language, and how students present themselves in a job interview. For students who wish to change their careers, PRP offers special assistance by training and educating them on their new primary industry of interest. This “soft knowledge” helps students have successful job interviews and adapt better to a new work environment.


Our multinational Career Services Teams in Dubai, India, Singapore and Sydney play a very important role in helping students achieve their career goals. In the initial terms of the program, the teams expose students to corporate centres, business leaders and entrepreneurs through guest lectures, industry visits and projects in the three cities. In the final term of the program, the teams help students build a strong career strategy and identify suitable internships and full-time roles for them to apply to

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